Double Ball Roulette

Welcome to a Roulette game like no other. Double Ball Roulette offers you double the winning opportunities with this slick two ball casino game that'll have you chasing an incredible 1200-1 Double Ball Jackpot!


It's taken Las Vegas by storm, and now it's here to offer YOU a share of the
excitement! This TWO BALL game will put the power of firing the second ball
into your hands, so let's hope you have the magic touch! You may be playing on
a standard European roulette table, but with the additional betting
opportunities provided by two balls, you'll be making your way to some
winnings that are out of this world!

How to play

Here's hoping that Lady Luck is on your side! This thrilling twist on
traditional roulette couldn't be easier to play. To place your bet, simply
select your chip value from the chip selector at the bottom of the game and
click the desired bet position on the table. You can place as many chips as
you like on each bet position up to the table limit for that bet type, or be a
big baller and place multiple bets by sliding your mouse across the table. Not
happy with your bets? You can undo them individually by clicking UNDO, or you
can remove all your bets by clicking CLEAR.

When you're ready to go, click the green WHEEL button and spin like you're in
Vegas! You're spoilt for choice in this game, as it offers you many different
bet options, outlined below. Viva La Casino!

Inside Bets : 2 Balls : 2 Outcomes - One ball needs to land on your inside
bet (bets placed on the inner part of the table) for it to win

Outside Bets : 2 Balls : 1 Outcome - Both balls need to land on an outside
bet for it to win

Neighbour Bets : betting on 5 numbers - the number you have chosen plus
the two numbers that are either side of the chosen number on the roulette

Voisins : numbers on the wheel that are sequenced between, and including,
22 and 25

Tiers : bets placed on numbers on the wheel that are sequenced between and
including 27 and 33

Orphelins (orphans): bets placed on numbers that aren't covered by Voisins
and Tiers

1200-1 Jackpot Bet : click the green 1200-1 JACKPOT button on the right
side of the main betting table to place your jackpot bet! You need both balls
to land on your chosen number to get your hands on the jackpot

Shoot Ball 2

The power is in your hands! Release the second ball to double your chances of
winning! Simply hit the green SHOOT button at the bottom right position of the
game to shoot ball 2. When the outline of the green SHOOT button is fully red
then your time to release the ball will have expired. If this happens, it'll
fire out of its own accord, so watch out! When both balls are released they'll
settle on a segment on the roulette wheel - either the same one or separate
ones. All losing bets will be removed from the mini tables and only winning
bets will remain in place on the highlighted winning numbers. When the game is
completed and all bets are settled you will be presented with the following

Rebet - re-bets the same amount bet in the last game

Rebet x 2 - re-bets double the amount bet on the last game

New game - starts a new game with no bets in place

Which will you choose? Play Double Ball Roulette today and see if you'll be
seeing double winnings!

Return to player

This game has a theoretical RTP of 97.30% which means for every £100 wagered
it will pay out £97.30 Please note, bonus wagering is disabled.

When the fun stops, stop