Firehouse Hounds

Join a crew of quirky Dalmatians as they fire-fight blazing reels and bag some red-hot wins at the same time! These feline firefighters will sound the alarm as soon as you spin the reels of this super-hot slot game to find the hottest prizes.


Being a firefighter is a dangerous occupation - especially when trying to combat these kinds of fires! In Firehouse Hounds the only danger is that you'll get a jackpot of immense proportions spilling out of the game. Help the hounds take down the blaze and you can be sure that you'll be rewarded with massive jackpots!

How to play

Unlike fending off fires, the rules of this game aren't tricky - you simply have to spin the reels to find matching symbols. You'll clock the theme clearly portrayed throughout the game, starting with the appearance and style of the reels right down to the symbols in the game. Over the 5 reels there are 30 paylines and you'll have to play a minimum of 40 coins per spin, which could produce some very lucrative wins indeed!

Return to player

This game has a theoretical RTP of 91.99-96.06% which means for every £100 wagered it will pay out £91.99-96.06.

When the fun stops, stop