Gustavo El Luchador

Get Gustavo through some intense wrestling matches and help him achieve his dreams! Whilst you're doing that, you'll be stacking up the wins and free spins at the same time!


Enter the boxing ring with Gustavo in the Free Spins round, watch him take down his opponents and build up your bank! The Las Mascaras round will have you choosing masks and dolls to see how much you can unlock, the more you do, the bigger the top prize gets! Take a spin on these Mexican themed reels filled with tequila and tacos, rich with wins

How to play

Before you rush onto the hot reels, set your Bet amount using the options available. Once you're happy with the amount, hit SPIN and areeeba! Off you fight! Get the Wilds popping up on reels 1, 2, 4 and 5 only, substituting for all symbols but the Free Spins and Bonus symbol. Want to get into those extra- spicy bonus rounds? Find 3 or more of either the Free Spins or Bonus symbol to do just that:


Find 3 or more Bonus symbols and you'll see 5 masks on a bottom shelf with the middle and top shelves locked. Choose one of the masks to reveal either a winning amount or a key! If you find a key, the middle shelf will unlock and again you choose a mask to reveal a winning amount or key. If a second key is found, the top shelf is unlocked revealing 3 dolls, choose a doll and the amount it hides will be awarded to you.


Find 3 Free Spins symbols to enter the boxing ring and you'll be presented with 4x3 reels with 81 pay ways. Each round begins with a match card showing who Gustavo is about to battle. Once the referee blows his whistle, the round begins!

The reels will spin and stop automatically, showing the results of each spin. If the result has at least 3 of the same high or low-value symbols, you will win the amount. If 2 matching attack symbols are shown the corresponding health amount will be deducted from either Gustavo or his opponent. The round ends when either Gustavo or all 4 of his opponents are defeated.

Return to player

This game has a theoretical RTP of 96.01%, which means for every £100 staked, the expected return would be £96.01.

When the fun stops, stop