Miss White

In this slot game Snow White is no longer a damsel in distress - she's a strong, independent woman looking for a jackpot! Can you grab your own?


Miss White has supersized the reels and placed 1,024 different ways to win on them! There are bonuses here too, which are much shinier and more rewarding than any enchanted apple. Take a bite and reap the fruits of your play!

How to play

You won't need to consult an all knowing mirror to learn the rules of this game, as they are the same as most other slots. Just match up symbols on the paylines to trigger a multiplier based jackpot.

The multiplier is applied to the bet that you place per spin, which is changed with the coin value meter. The up and down buttons can be used to change this from the minimum to the maximum in no time.

Return to player

The game has a theoretical RTP of 92.00-94.98% which means for every £100 wagered it will pay out £92.00-94.98.

When the fun stops, stop