Tale Of The Red Cliffs

Transport yourself to the ancient battlefields of the Three Kingdoms in Tale of the Red Cliffs, the authentic Chinese-themed instant win game from IGT. Match your symbols to winning symbols and win up to 12 prizes per game!


If you like your online casino games fast-paced and easy to play then this is the one for you. With an estimated play time of less than one minute

How to play

Click TICKET COST to set your bet. Use the (+) and (-) arrows to adjust the cost, then click BUY to start the game.

The game will display 3 Copper Plates, 12 Shields and a REVEAL ALL button. Choose a Copper Plate to reveal a symbol. Choose a Shield to reveal a symbol and a prize value. Or, click REVEAL ALL to reveal the symbols automatically. After all symbols are revealed, fire arrows can strike Your Symbol and burn the symbol to reveal a jade multiplier symbol. You'll win a prize when Your Symbol matches a Winning Symbol. If a jade multiplier symbol appears, the prize value is multiplied by the multiplier - up to 20x!

Return to player

This game has a theoretical RTP of 85.00% which means for every £100 wagered it will pay out £85.00

When the fun stops, stop