Zeus 3

You've been summoned to Mount Olympus to take part in a heavenly slot game - where you'll be watched over by one of the most powerful gods of all Zeus himself!


The Zeus 3 slot will be perfect for those of you who have a keen interest in Greek mythology, and of course those who love an exciting slot game! Created by WMS, it will show you a different side of history as you battle it out on the 5 reels searching for the fortunes of ancient Greece. The moment you step through the gates of Olympus, you will be standing with the Gods, but do you have what it takes to impress them and take the jackpots that await you? This unique looking slot game will have you praying to the gods - with an answer each time as you spin the reels!

How to play

As soon as you load up the game, you will quickly be in awe of the crystal- clear graphics and the fitting soundtrack to go along with. The game looks different to others that you may have played on before, as it is played in a pyramid shape instead of a square. The good news is that the game works in the same way as any other online slot games as you must spin and look to land matching symbols on adjacent reels to earn prizes. There are more than a few features that will help you out as you look to land the top prizes that are on offer in the 3rd instalment of the Zeus slot games.

Return to player

This game has a theoretical RTP of 96.10% which means for every £100 wagered it will pay out £96.10.

When the fun stops, stop