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5 Strategies For Winning At Online Bingo

In this article, we dig into different tips and strategies for increasing your chances of winning bingo online . Most of these bingo strategies can just as easily apply to playing bingo offline too – we’ve just adapted the advice to suit online players! Use the links below to skip to a relevant section or read through all 5 of our winning bingo strategies in order… 


  1. Know the rules!
  2. Select the broadest spread of numbers
  3. Buy more bingo tickets
  4. Play at times when there are fewer players
  5. Combine all these tricks into a single super strategy…

1 - Know the rules!

This one might seem blindingly obvious, but you can’t hope to win at online bingo if you haven’t first learned and understood the rules of the game you’re playing! This is especially important when playing bingo online, as there are lots of different game variants each with their own set of numbers, jackpots and winning conditions. Knowing the rules of the game allows you to adjust and use the other strategies we cover here to maximum effect – so make sure you do your preparation!

2 - Select the broadest possible spread of numbers

The single biggest way you can influence outcome of the game is through your number selection, so it makes sense to try and be strategic. Of course, every number is just as likely to come up as any other number, so there’s no special number to choose. However, you can still try to increase your winning chances by selecting as broad a range of numbers as possible. To systematically select evenly spread numbers, you should try to use the following rules:

  1. Choose an equal amount of odd and even numbers.
  2. Try to have a balance of low and high numbers.
  3. Aim to have an equal amount of numbers with each end digit from 0-9.

The logic behind these rules is simple – you are trying to cover as many bases as possible with your number selection. For example, if an odd number is called, this means there is now one less odd number than even numbers left to be called next. This means it is slightly more likely that the next number called will be even. By having a balance of both even and odd, you’re in the best possible situation. Of course, the variant of bingo will affect what numbers you can choose – so like we said in part one, make sure you know the rules for the game you’re playing and tailor your number selection accordingly!

3 - Buy more tickets

If you buy more tickets, this means you can select more numbers across all those tickets. That makes you more likely to have the winning combinations. However, remember, you can only win if you have the correct combination appearing all on the same ticket – you cannot combine two different tickets’ numbers together. Another thing to bear in mind if you decide to buy more tickets is that you shouldn’t go overboard - always play responsibly and within your means! You also need to make sure that you can keep track of all the tickets you buy– after all you definitely don’t want to miss your number being called. When selecting the numbers for extra tickets, make sure to follow the rules we outlined for spreading your numbers. To really maximise your spread, you should aim to have different numbers on each separate ticket.

4 - Play when there are fewer players

Timing your play to coincide with fewer other players can also help increase your chances of winning. This is because less players means less people who can have a winning run before you get one. By carefully selecting the times you play bingo online you can try to catch those times when fewer people are playing. However, it’s worth remembering that if you like to play bingo online to meet new people and chat, then this strategy probably isn’t for you because there’ll be less people playing alongside you!

5 - Combine all these tricks into a single super strategy…

Finally, this is not really a strategy, but by carefully combining elements of the other strategies we have covered in this article you can build up your own bingo super-strategy! Why not mix and match the strategies we’ve outlined here – try different things out and see what works for you. There’s no wrong or right way to go - perhaps you find that buying extra tickets when there are fewer people playing is working, or maybe just a carefully planned spread of numbers on a single ticket - whatever strategy you do opt for, the most important thing is that you have fun while you’re playing!