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How To Play Bingo Online – A Guide

In this article we’ve created a guide to playing bingo online – so if you’ve ever wondered how to play bingo online, read on!  

What is bingo?

The modern game of bingo was copywritten in the 1920s in the USA, before then it was known as ‘beano’. It became hugely popular with British and American troops during the two World Wars, to lift the morale of the troops. Bingo has seen that popularity carry on ever since, with bingo halls popping up all over the UK.

The basic principle of a bingo game is that you have a card or ‘ticket’ with rows of numbers on, that you cross out when they are read out by the bingo caller. The bingo caller selects numbered balls at random. To win a prize you normally need to have crossed out all the numbers in 1 or 2 lines, before any other players. If you manage to cross out all the numbers on your ticket before any other player, that is known as a ‘full house’. You may even get a bonus prize, if you mark off all your numbers within a certain amount of calls.

How to play bingo online

To play bingo online you will need to find a responsible gambling website, like Health Games which offers online bingo , sign up for an account if you are 18 or over and live in the UK then away you go. You can even chat with your friends online as you play.

As bingo is a multi-player game, games are started at set times, but you will never have to wait too long for a game to start! Just pick your favourite game and enter the virtual bingo room.

Online bingo offers a huge variety of different themed games and jackpots. At Health Games, we offer jackpots from £50 to £1500, with fun bingo games that can be played on certain days of the week or some that can be played daily, like Sunny ‘90s.

If you have ever played bingo in a bingo hall, then you will have definitely heard the bingo calls that are associated with each number, like number 3 cup of tea and lucky number 7. Although you won’t hear these quirky number calls online, you can still have lots of fun as you chat to other bingo players.

Playing bingo online

85% of bingo players now prefer to play online; that’s a big shift from years of packed bingo halls, shouting “Full House”. Obviously, playing bingo online has many benefits, including playing in the comfort of your own home and at a time that suits you.

Online bingo has one key variation to the traditional bingo format, the main difference is the fact that the bingo caller has been replaced by an automated computer called a Random Number Generator. This means that the numbers can be drawn much quicker. However, don’t worry as you can also set your bingo ticket to cross off the numbers automatically, so you will never miss a prize.

Another bonus is that you are actively encouraged to chat with friends in the chat rooms as the numbers are being drawn, which would really be frowned upon in real-life bingo halls!

If you are looking for fun online bingo , with great jackpots then Health Games are a great place to get started! If you are a new customer, then Health Games will match 20% of your first deposit (up to £5), which goes directly to NHS Charities Together.