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Rainbow Riches Slingo – A Guide

Today we are diving into a fan favourite, Rainbow Riches Slingo! A game filled with magic, luck and big win opportunities. Read on to learn the ins and outs and our top tips.

What is Rainbow Riches Slingo?

Rainbow Riches Slingo is a combination of two of our nation’s most popular games, slots and bingo. With each Rainbow Riches game, you will get 10 spins. Each spin comes with surprises waiting to be unlocked. Filled with engaging bonus rounds, pots of gold and lots of magic, this game will have you on the edge of your seat.

How to Play Rainbow Riches Slingo

The goal here is simple, find the pot of gold on the other side of the rainbow.  You’ll have to start by setting your stake. This function allows you to increase or decrease your bet. Choose between £0.50 to £200 – it’s entirely up to you! Remember, your bet will directly affect your potential winnings.

Now that your stake is set, spin to begin. With each spin, try to match the pulled numbers on the bottom of the screen with the numbers on your grid. Each row you complete will win you a Slingo. The more rows you fill, the bigger your win will be.

The Joker symbol can also appear in place of a number when you make a spin. This will allow you to mark off a number that has not been called, but it will have to have appeared in the same row of the joker symbol. A super joker will allow you to mark off any number anywhere on the grid.

Everyone loves Free Spins! You can get them by landing on the ‘Free Spin’ symbol. One symbol will grant you one free spin.

Watch out though, not all symbols are beneficial. The devil symbol will block your wins!

How to Win on Rainbow Riches

The best way to make a win on Rainbow Riches Slingo is to unlock the bonus rounds. In this game, there are five different rounds players can unlock, and they’re all for different reasons:

Lucky Dip Wishing Well

This game will present you with three wells. All you have to do is pick one to receive a prize. This is a lucky dip style game so you will not be able to know which well is going to reward you more.

Road to Riches

You will be presented with a magic wheel. Spin it to move along the road. When you spin a ‘COLLECT’ it is time to end the mini game and collect your earnings. There is another version of this game, but the twist is that all of the prizes double. This feature is called ‘Road to Riches Red’.

Pots of Gold

Who doesn’t want a pot of gold? This feature is a multiplier. There are many different options in a variety of colours. However, the game is going to choose for you. You can receive a multiplier of x50 to x1,000.

Magic Toadstool

This is another lucky dip style game. You will have 3 chances to find a winning offer. The options are 1x, 5x and fairies! Each fairy will give you 3 more values. There is a red version of this game too which will give you 4 picks instead of 3.

Cash Crop

Start with 50 coins dancing across your screen, but you can only choose one! Whatever option you choose will be a multiplier applied to your game. The game will move on to a coin flip. A simple yes or no to whether you get to choose again for another multiplier or collect your winnings.

If you’re looking for a game with a great theme, amazing mini games and surprises, Rainbow Riches Slingo may be right for you. With 12 paylines, 5 reels, and a £192,519 biggest win opportunity it is a great game to try today!