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Slingo Riches Review

Slingo Riches is a great introduction to Slingo  – the perfect combination of slots and bingo and you can play it here at The Health Games. This particular slot is the debut of Slingo technology and has been a fan favourite since April 2015. With low volatility and RTP of 95%, we keep coming back to this classic again and again.  Keep reading to learn the ins and outs of this online casino game , how to win, and more. 

How to Win Slingo Riches

When you begin the game, you will be met with a 5x5 grid that looks like your standard bingo card and 11 spins to win with.

The aim of the game, as is in all Slingo games, is to cross off your numbers in a line. This can be vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. For each line you complete, you will receive a Slingo and move yourself another step up the ladder to receive your prize.

If you can achieve a full house, meaning you have blocked out every number on your Slingo card, you will get the biggest pay out possible!

Slingo Riches Features

For those of us who love a Slingo Games, such as Slingo Rainbow Riches , you are probably familiar with the features that come along with it. 

The Joker, Super Joker and Devil make an appearance in this original version as well. 

The Joker

When you take your spin, a joker may show up where a number is supposed to be. There’s no need to worry, this symbol will allow you to choose any number in the row in which it appeared, to be marked off by you. This will be indicated by the numbers changing into glowing yellow. 

The Super Joker

Much like the Joker, the Super Joker will show up randomly throughout the game. The big difference, however, is that you can cross off any number on your card – it does not have to be in the same row as the Super Joker symbol. 

Joker Bonus

If you land three or more jokers or super jokers on a single spin, you will be awarded a cash prize! 

The Devil

The devil will show up on some spins. This symbol work as a blocker, meaning no numbers will be able to be removed on that particular spin. 

Free Spins

Another spin always comes in handy. You can collect free spins throughout your game by having this symbol appear on your reel. 


Sometimes, you will have a stack of coins appear on your spin. These represent instant cash prizes!

Game Settings

Taking control of your gaming experience can be powerful. Slingo Riches offers some customisable features.

For example, you can limit the number of extra spins you can take. Slingo games allow you to pay for free spins after your 11 have gone to give you more opportunities to black out your board. However, the price can increase significantly. 

That is where the next option comes in to play, “max extra spin price”. This allows you to set limiters on the price of the extra spins that are offered. You can also set the stake and loss. 

Once you have altered your settings, the game will automatically end once they are hit. 


All in all, Slingo Riches was ground-breaking in 2015, and still offers a lot of fun to this day. There are big win opportunities, symbols, free spins and more.

If you are a big bingo player, this game lets you get involved in the excitement. If you choose your games based on their features, we recommend fiving the game Bonanza a go!