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Strongbones Children’s Charitable Trust wins £5,000 donation!

Health Games is delighted to announce that Strongbones Children’s Charitable Trust is the winner of our latest £5,000 donation!

Based in Romford, Essex, SCCT provides emotional and practical support to children and families who have been affected by a serious muscular skeletal condition.  These conditions include brittle bone disease, scoliosis, bone cancer or spina bifida.  Now in its 20th year, the charity has helped over thousands of youngsters enhance their quality of life.  They will put the £5,000 donation from Health Games to good use by upgrading and purchasing essential equipment.

On hearing the news, charity trustee Norman McNamara said, “We are so delighted with this donation, and want to thank Health Games and our supporters. These funds are going to provide sensory equipment bundles to children with disabilities and learning difficulties.”

Health Games is proud to have supported health and wellness charities across the UK through donations.  These include projects such as Kids Aware, Isabel Hospice, Little Hearts Matter and The Legacy Rainbow House.  

In June 2020, Health Games asked the British public to nominate charities worthy of receiving this latest £5,000 donation. Nearly 12,000 votes were cast, with over 40% choosing SCCT as the worthy winner.

A Health Games spokesperson said, “Strongbones are a phenomenal charity rooted in the local community. When we launched the initiative, we knew that we would encounter so many inspirational stories.  This time, Strongbones were the runaway winner for this donation with almost 5000 votes. And when you see the smiles they put on the kids’ faces, it’s impossible not to be touched.” 

Our other three nominees were Multiple Sclerosis Trust, The Children’s Adventure Farm and Pilgrims Hospice.  All of them do amazing work in their local communities.  To mark our gratitude and respect for that work, they will also receive donations from Health Games!