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The Complete Guide To Slingo

What Is Slingo?

Slingo is a hybrid combination of both Slots and Bingo and it’s one of the fastest growing games online todaySlingo pairs the most popular type of bingo, 75 ball bingo, with the popular online game, slots. Slot games are some of the most popular games in a casino, but when paired with bingo and done entirely online, it’s something else entirely!

A basic Slingo game consists of a grid which has a5x5 layout, with 25 random numbers, and there is a reel for you to use below the grid. The point of the game is to match the numbers with the ones on the reel. In this respect, Slingo has a lot in common with a bingo card. However,  you don’t have a conventional bingo caller picking the numbers.

How To Play Slingo

Slingo isn’t a particularly difficult game to learn and play. If you’ve played slots and bingo, you’ll likely catch on to Slingo quite fast. Typically, a game of Slingo has 20 spins, but make sure to double check this before you start playing, as there are a few different variations.  

The general idea is that you start the game by spinning the reel (which is usually situated at the bottom of the screen), and the numbers that appear on the reel should match the number on the bingo-style card. When your number shows up, you can check that number off – just like in bingo. There is a very slim chance you may match all 20 of your slot spins to the 20 numbers on your bingo card, although this is incredibly unlikely!

You’re also against the clock when you play Slingo, as there is a time limit between each spin, and if you take too long, you will lose your next spin, which decreases your overall chances of winning as you’ll be one round down. Depending on the variation of Slingo you’re playing, there might be a free-spin mechanic, which grants you the ability to have a free-spin. Also, some versions of Slingo allow you to purchase extra spins.

Due to the nature of online gaming, you can play multiplayer games of Slingo, with other online players, almost to replicate the feel of a traditional bingo hall. In order to make sure everyone has the same chance of winning, there is an extra time limit added to the multiplayer games.

Slingo Wildcards and Special Symbols

There are several special items that have a chance of appearing throughout a game of Slingo.

  • Jokers are wildcards and they can be used to check off any number in the column which the Joker appears.
  1. A Joker which appears in the centre column, has a chance of becoming a Super Joker, which allows you to use it anywhere on the board. However, the Super Joker must be played first before anything else.
Devils can appear and they can cut the players score in half, so beware of them. However, a Cherub can appear and chase him down, which will double your current score instead.Coins can appear and grant extra points to the player.Free Spins can appear, and they will grant you a free, extra spin.